Friday 6 March 2015

Trouble-shooting Outlook client connectivity issues with Exchange

Just a few notes to myself! :)

By default Outlook on Exchange 2013 should you RPC over port 135.

* Verify that auodiscover record exists
* Monitor network traffic and look for host outlook is connecting too
 - Verify whether DNS resolves.
 - Verify that a connection is established.

Performance Issues:
* Verify network latency, throughput and reliabaility.
* Identify user mailbox size oposed to reccomended sizes / limits.

Test RPC Connection:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\outlook.exe /rpcdiag
Or check with telnet

telnet <exchange-server> 135
To check RPC endpoints: rpcdump /S <exchange-server>
(RPC Uses an endpoint mapper database, which registers endpoints for use.)

You can also test connectivity from the server itself - Test-MAPIConnectivity will perform authentication against the server and check that the mailbox is retrievable:
or we can test connctivity to a specific mailbox:
Test-MapiConnectivity -Identity "domain\user1"
Monitoring Exchange:


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