Wednesday 18 March 2015

Introduction to HP iLO

HP iLO provides remote management for servers and is accessed over a dedicated ethernet port.

Typically a tag is provided with the server with the default username and password. E.g. Administrator Password <random-string-of-characters>

By default DHCP is enabled and hence you will have to provide DHCP reception on the same network segment and then connect via the leased IP address. iLO will also attempt to register its hostname to DNS servers provided.

Centralized Management is available - by using the HP System Management Software Homepage and connecting hosts with the HP Insight Agent. There are also various different licenses available that unlock / provide different functionality e.g. remote control and so on.

If you do not want to use DHCP (or have configured a static IP address and are no longer sure of it) you can connect a crossover cable directly between the iLO port on the server and your computer - which then prompts iLO to configure a default static IP address of

In order to upgrade the iLO firmware you should download the relevent firmware for the version of iLO you are using:

- Version 3:
- Version 4:

You can either use the Windows / Linux installer - or if you prefer to update it via the web API for iLO you can simply extract the executable (as it is a self-extracting package) and find the ".bin" file that can be used to upgrade iLO.


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