Thursday 13 September 2018

Firewall Port Requirements for DFSR

I decided to compile this list due to the lack of coherent on the internet - even Microsoft's own documentation listed ports that clearly had no purpose. While these ports are automatically opened up when installing the specific features on the server they commonly need to be added external firewalls as well.

RPC: TCP/49152-65535 OR ideally set a static port (dfsrdiag staticRPC /port:<port-number>; net stop dfsr; net start dfsr)

If you require remote DFS management ensure that the following ports are enabled:

WMI and RPC: TCP/49152-65535

You will also need to ensure that ports requried for file sharing are present:

ICMP: Echo Request
SMB (as above): TCP/445
LLMNR (Optional - but rarely needed these days): UDP/5335
NETBIOS (Optional - but rarely needed these days): UDP/147, UDP/138, TCP/139

If you require remote file server management you will also need to enable the following ports:

DCOM (as above): TCP/135
SMB (as above): TCP/445
WMI: TCP/49152-65535 (Windows Vista and above)


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