Tuesday 24 March 2015

Setting up a mailbox database with Exchange 2013

This task can be accomplished either by the Exchange Shell or ECP. There are also some considerations we must take into account when creating a new database:

- Logging Transaction Type: Do we want to enable circular logging? (For consideration when disk space is limited)
- Do we want to house different databases on different partitions / disks (for performance / mitigation of data loss).

We will use the shell to create the database:
New-MailboxDatabase -Identity <mailbox-server> -Name "MailboxDB1" -EdbFilePath D:\ExchangeMailboxes\MailboxDB1.edb -LogFolderPath E:\ExchangeLogs\LogFolder

You will see the following warning afterwards:
"WARNING: Please restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service on server MS02 after adding new mailbox

You should restart this service outside of work hours!

And if needs be enable circular logging:
Set-MailboxDatabase -Identity "Administration" -CircularLoggingEnabled $true

By default the mailbox will not be mounted so we do:
Mount-MailboxDatabase <mailbox-database>


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