Tuesday 22 December 2015

Creating a bootable deployment ISO for Windows Deployment Services

We should firstly install WAIK  for Windows 7 and WAIK for Windows 7 SP1 Supplement on the server that has WDS currently installed:


Now open the WDS snapin and right-hand click the relevent boot image and select 'Create Capture Wizard' >> and follow through the Wizard ensuring that 'Enter the name of the Windows Deployment Services server that you want to respond when you boot...' is set to your WDS server!

Now open 'Deployment Tools Command Prompt' from the start menu and then run something like the following (where 'D:\DiscoverBootImage' was where my disocovery image resided):
CopyPE amd64 D:\DiscoverBootImage\WinPE
Now leave this prompt open.

Proceed by copying the discovery boot image into the WinPE folder - and RENAMING it to boot.wim

Now to create the bootable ISO we can issue something like:
oscdimg -n -bD:\DiscoverBootImage\Winpe\ISO\Boot\etfsboot.com D:\DiscoverBootImage\Winpe\ISO D:\DiscoverBootImage\boot.iso
Finally burn the ISO to CD / DVD and test it!


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