Wednesday 22 April 2015

Save disk space by removing superseded / expired updates in SCCM 2012

We should firstly remove any expired updates from any deployments - this can be performed by gonig to the SCCM Console >> Software Library >> Overview >> software Updates >> All Software Updates

and adding "Expired" to the column view. Select all of the expired updates and right-hand click selecting "Edit memberships".

There is an internal clean-up process that is invoked after 7 days of an update being made redundent and that is no longer assigned to any deployments.

or there is a script (provided by Ben Morris)

This script automates the entire task and works with SCCM 2012 R2.

Usage: .\Remove-SCCMExpiredSupersededContent_1.0.ps1 [PrimarySiteServerName]


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