Monday 27 April 2015

Integrating hardware drivers into SCCM 2012

We should firstly identify the relevent models with our organiztion.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will simply use the Lattitude E7440.

Dell have released a utility called "Driver Pack Catalog" that we can use to automatically download the relevent drivers for our Dell models:

This provides us with a way of ensuring we get the latest updates from Dell - in an a quick, efficient and automated fashion.

We can utilize a script by Dustin Hedges ( that will do the hard work for us:

Firstly make sure script-signing is disabled temporarily and execute the following within PowerShell for a specific model:

.\Download-DellDriverPacks.ps1 -DownloadFolder "D:\Drivers\Downloads" -TargetModel "Latitude E7440" -TargetOS Windows_8.1_64-bit -Verbose

or for WinPE drivers:

.\Download-DellDriverPacks.ps1 -DownloadFolder "D:\Drivers\Downloads" -TargetOS 64-bit_-_WinPE_5.0 -Verbose

We should extract the downloaded .cab file(s) to a location accessable by SCCM e.g. C:\Sources\Drivers\Dell

We can now import the cab file(s) into SCCM from Configuration Manager Console >> Software Library >> Operating Systems >> Right-hand click 'Drivers' >> Import Drivers and specify the folder where we copied the .cab contents.

Make sure "Import the driver and append a new category to the existing categories" is selected >> Next >> and ensure "Enable these drivers and allow computers to install them" is ticked >> Next >> New Package... >> Enter a name for the new driver package and select a location where it's contents (and future additions) will be stored e.g.:

C:\Sources\Drivers Packages\Dell

Make sure "Update distribuion points when finished" is ticked >> Next >> Add them to any boot images if nescasery >> Next >> Next >> SCCM should then begin to import the drivers.

Finally right-hand click on the new driver package and select "Distribute" and select which Distribuion Points you wish to publish it to.


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