Monday 27 April 2015

Keeping Dell computers up to date / applying driver updates with SCCM

We will now need to deploy the driver set(s) to the relevent machines. The easiest way to perform this is too create a task sequence to deploy the updates - using the dpinst.exe utility from the Windows Driver Kit (

So we should download the relevent drivers drivers and ideally create a driver pack. We can then use Content Library Explorer ( to make some sense of the folders within the driver store and ultimately help us identify which driver is contained in which folder.

So we shall firstly create a new package for the driver:

Software Library >> Overview >> Application Management >> Packages >> Add Package.

Package Name: Latitude E7440 Driver Package 1.0
This package contains source files = Ticked.
Select the root folder of where your drivers for the E7440 are stored.

We should also place "dpinst.exe" (from the Windows Driver Kit) from and create an xml file called "DPInst.xml" with the following in:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

Make sure you save the file with UTF-8 encoding.

These two files should be placed in the root of the driver package directory!

Next >> Do not create a program >> Next >> Close.

We should then distribute the content to the relevent Distribution Points. We will proceed by creating a new task sequence:

Software Library >> Overview >> Operating Systems >> Task Sequences >> New Task Sequence >> "Create a new custom task sequence"

We will now edit the new task sequence and add a new phase to it e.g.:

"New Command Line" >> Name: Update Graphics Card Driver >> Command line: dpinst.exe /S /SA /SE /SW /F

The working directory should bet set to the directory

Tick the "Package" checkbox and select our package we created earlier.

And finally make sure "Enable Continue on Error" is ticked!

We should then simply deploy this task sequence to a collection group that holds all of our E7440 laptops.


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