Monday 16 March 2015

Setting up a point to site connection with Azure.

A point to site connection allows you to provide a way for two sites to communicate via a host that acts as a router - oposed to a site to site VPN that allows you to hookup two sites that share the same network space.

To setup a poin to site VPN we go to: Add >> Network Services >> Virtual Network >> Custom Create. Making sure you tick the "Point to site" option on stage 2. Configure the address space, for this example we will use

We will then configure the address space, the subnet for our virtual network (where our VM's from the Azure cloud will reside) and the "gateway subnet" (which is the subnet that will be used for remote VPN devices.)

Go into the newly created VPN and click on "Create Gateway." We will then need to wait around 5 - 10 minutes for the VPN gateway to be created - you can view the status of this by going to he "Dashboard" of the VPN on the "Networks" tab.

Eventually when it has been created - we will go to "Certificates" on the VPN / virtual network settings and upload our Root CA.  Then back on the "Dashboard" under "quick glance" you will be able to download the VPN client.

We will install this on the on-premis host we wish to join to the VPN. Upon finishing installation you should simply be able to join the VPN from the connections view.


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