Friday 6 March 2015

How to lookup an unknown GUID in Active Directory

For this tutorial we will use an old but perfectly functioning tool called "ldp.exe" which is available after installing ADDS - although there are other options available like "LDAP Admin" and so on.

To begin launch ldp.exe (from the DC), select Connection >> Connect and enter the appropriate hostname / IP of the target DC along with the port.

Once conneced we go to Connection >> Bind and enter our AD accoun information.

We can then go to View >> Tree and enter our base DN - which should be our domain e.g.:
Then right-hand click on the domain DN in the tree and select "Search." For the "Base DN" field we will enter: <GUID=GUIDNUMBERHERE>, in the "Filter" field we will enter: objectclass=* and select "Subtree" in the scoping options and finally run.


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