Thursday 5 March 2015

How to configure on-premise and off-premise archiving with Exchange 2013

An in-place archive mailbox is an additional mailbox that eliminates the need for PST file backups and rather is mounted on a servers mailbox database - users can drag and drop mail items in there or the administrator can setup rentation policies to automatically move them there.

Firstly we will go to the ECP:
Servers >> Databases >> New Database

Enter the database name, along with the server it should be mounted on and location on the filesystem.

We will then restart the "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" service.

We then locate the recipient we want to enable archiving for from "Recipients" on the left hand navigation pane. When the user is selected in the lower right-hand navigation pane there should be an "In-Place Archive" subsection - click the enable button and then choose the newly created database.

Now when the user closes and restarts MS outlook they should see a "Online Archive" mailbox has been added.

We can verify connectivity with the archive mailbox by using EMS:
Test-ArchiveConnectivity -UserSmtp


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