Thursday 5 March 2015

GUID in server name for Exchange 2013

During the auto-discovery process when initially configuring an email account during the Outlook Setup Wizard you might have noticed that the server name comes up as what to some might like like a load of gobbledy-goop or maybe a GUID - which of course is true - it is actually the GUID of the mailbox!

The auto-disovery process (as well as finding out what exchange server to connect to) also informs the client of which mailbox server it should connect to - i.e. the mailbox server which contains the user's account on one of it's databases.

In actuality all of the following information is returned to the user from the Autodiscover service:

- User's display name.
- Location of the user's mailbox server.
- URL's for Outlook features such as Unified Messaging and the Offline Address Book.
- Connection settings for internal AND external connectivity to Exchange.
- Outlook Anywhere settings.


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