Monday 2 March 2015

Content Index: FailedAndSuspended Error

In order to correct this issue with a DAG we can simply run the following command:
Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy "DB Name\Server Name" -CatalogOnly
Although this command only works when the member is within a DAG (as it requires a source server to peform the reseed of the database.)

**Forenote** You are required to dismount the database while performing this operation **

So we need to manually delete the Catalog data by firstly stopping he "Microsoft Exchange Search Server" service:
Stop-Service MSExchangeFastSearch
Stop-Service HostControllerService
Rename the following folder (which is named as a GUID) within your mailbox folder e.g.:
And then finally start the "Microsoft Exchange Search" and the Content Index will begin indexing. When you are happing everything is running OK and "Get-DatabaseCopyStatus" returns healthy for the DB you can delete the folder we renamed earlier.

Start-Service MSExchangeFastSearch
Start-Service HostControllerService

* Don't freak out if you see the mailbox databases Content Indexing state is "Failed" temporarily (this is due to the services being turned off and this should disappear fairly quickly) - but also take into account that you will see a "Unknown" status for a fairly long time as well - this is normal and is part of the indexing process. Eventually you should see a "Crawling" status and finally a "Healthy" one!  *


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