Thursday 9 July 2015

Setting up inter-vlan routing for the Cisco SG200/300 switches

Firstly login into the web-based configuration console and go to:

Security >> TCP/UDP Services >> Ensure "Telnet" (or "SSH" if you prefer) is ticked, apply and save the configuration.

You should now be able to telnet to your switch (using the same IP address as the web based console and username / password when prompted.

The next step is to turn on "router" (layer 3) mode by going into exec mode on your switch and entering the following:

* warning: the following command will erase your startup configuration! - Be sure to take a backup! *

* warning: also remember to unplug any ports that have DHCP reception - as the router's management interface will pickup this upon reboot! *

set system mode router

Upon the switch rebooting we shall have to login to the web portal again - bearing in mind that the management IP address will be reset to again.

We should proceed by then enabling "Telnet" again (as above) and connecting via telnet.

We should proceed by creating our VLANS e.g.:

vlan 100
name Marketing

vlan 101
name Sales

We then want to define which ports will be assosiated with our VLANS:

int vlan 100
ip address

int vlan 101
ip address


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