Thursday 23 July 2015

How to install NeoRouter Server on RHEL 7

Firstly download the server RPM package:


We will then install the package:

sudo rpm -i nrserver-*

We will need to configure the firewall (which replaces iptables in RHEL 7) as follows:

yum install firewalld

service firewalld start

systemctl enable firewalld

firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=32976/tcp --permanent

finally restart the iptables service with:

firewall-cmd --reload

We can check the NeoRouter configuration with the following command:

nrserver -showsettings

I do not want IPv6 enabled, so we can create a config file for NeoRouter:

cd /usr/local/ZebraNetworkSystems/NeoRouter/
vi Feature.ini

Copy and paste the Feature.ini config from:

and ensure you change the 'HostIPType=0' to 'HostIPType=1'

Then restart the service with:

service nrserver restart

Setup virtual network info (required):

nrserver -setdomain myPrivateNetwork myDomainPassword

and setup user / passwords:

nrserver -adduser admin password myComl3xP@44W0rd!

Now we can connect to our NeoRouter server e.g.



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