Friday 18 November 2016

Troubleshooting netlogon problems with Windows 7/10/2008/2012

Firstly verify any DNS servers:

ipconfig /all

Sample output:

and ensure they are (all) responding with e.g.:


if fails check with telnet e.g. (assuming the DNS server is running over TCP):

telnet 53

and verify you get a response.

We can check if the netlogon service is able to communicate with our DNS server with:

nltest /query

we can also verify the last state of the secure channel created between the client and DC with:

nltest /sc_query:yourdomain.internal

(This will also inform you of which DC the channel was created with.)

We can also attempt to reset this with:

nltest /sc_reset:yourdomain.internal

or alternatively use sc_verify (this won't break the exisiting secure channel unless it's not established):

nltest /sc_verify:yourdomain.internal

If the issue is related to more than one client it could be due to loss of network connectivity or a DC related issue - to check the DC we can issue:

dcdiag /a


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