Wednesday 30 December 2015

Setting up centralized logging for deployment logs with MDT

For convienince I like to store all deployment logs in a central location so I don't need to mess around grabbing the logs of the local systems.

Fortunately MDT provides us with the ability to do this with the 'SLShareDynamicLogging' parameter (which will write the logs on the fly to a specific directory).

We simply need to modify our deployment share's customsettings.ini file e.g.


Taken from TechNet - Microsoft gives us a quick overview of which logs pertain to what:

Before the Image is applied to the machine:


After the system drive has been formatted:


After Deployment:


The logs of most interest for troubleshooting a failed install will be:

BDD.LOG – This is an aggregated log of all the MDT Logs.

SMSTS.LOG – This log would be used to troubleshoot Task Sequence errors.


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