Tuesday 16 June 2015

New Server Build Checklist

This is more for a quick reference to ensure all of the main areas of a new server build have been checked off - these should typically be independent of the OS.

Identity: Hostname, host file entries

TCP / IP Setings: (Static) Ip Address, DNS Servers, Default Gateway, Static Routing

Security: Antimalware products, server hardening, user accounts/permissions, NTP setup, syslog setup

Firewall: Deny-all policy, explicit rules in place

Management: DRAC / iLO Configured? Server Management Software Installed?

Monitoring Agents: SolorWinds, SCOM, NAGIOS

Updates: Server up to date? (Windows Update, apt, etc.) Have you enabled automatic patching of critical security updates?

Components: All unnesasery server components uninstalled?

Virtualization: VMWare tools installed?

: Windows Activated? All licensing in place?

Documentation: All server details documented?


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