Wednesday 18 February 2015

Useful Anti-Spam Agent Commands using Exchange 2013

PowerShell Commands:
Get-TransportAgent (Returns all of the agents installed / enabled on the Mailbox server.
Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport(Restarts the Transport Service)
Add-IPBlockListProvier -name -lookupdomain (Adds an IP blocking list to Exchange)
Set-SenderIdConfig -SpoofedDomainAction Delete (Automatically deletes spoofed emails)
Set-SenderReputaionConfig -SenderBlockingEnabled $true -$rlBlockThreshhold 6 -SenderBlockingPeriod 30 (If sender has multiple (in this case 6) bad pieces of mail (determined by SCL) block the sender for 30 days)
Set-ContentFilterConfig -SCLQuarantineThreshhold 6 (Defines the SCL level at which mail will go into quarantine)
Set-ContentFilterConfig -SCLQuarantineEnabled $true QuarantineMailbox (Enables quarantened mail and specifies where it will go)
Set-ContentFilterConfig -Enabled $false (Disable content filtering)

Install-AntiSpamAgents.ps1 (Installs the antispam agents on the Edge Transport (if uninstalled!) / Mailbox server.


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