Monday 23 February 2015

Deploying Windows 10 with SCCM 2012 R2

Forwarning: This is not officially supported with SCCM 2012 R2 - do not use on a live system!

We will firstly download the Technical Preview iso from Microsoft (Windows10_TechnicalPreview_x64_EN-GB_9926)

We will place this in our sources share for SCCM under a new folder named "OS" and then use a tool like 7zip to extract the ISO's contents to a new folder in there.

We can then proceed by adding a new "Operating System Installer" and upon completion we will then distrbute it to our distribution point.

We will then create a new Task Sequence for the Windows 10 build. We will "Build and Capture a refernce operating system image":
- Select the appropriate boot image.
- We will then be asked to provide the image package for the OS - although Windows 10 will not show up! So for now we can select anything else we already have e.g. Windows 8. We will then go through all of the domain, updates and application wizards - just accept the defaults for these and finish the task sequence. Finally we will specify where we want the output WIM image to go.

Once the TS has been created click on "Edit" and make sure you disable the whole "Capture the Reference Machine" group as shown below:

We will also disable the driver integration as it will not work - although there is a workaround.

And now if we select the "Apply Operating System" task and change it from "Apply operating system from a captured image" to "Apply operating system from original installation source" and specify the path of our extracted ISO.

And then deploy finally deploy the Task Sequence and test!


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