Tuesday 17 February 2015

Setup a SAN with windows Server 2012 R2

Firstly we will install the nescasry roles on the server:

Install-WindowsFeature FS-FileServer, FS-Data-Deduplication, FS-Resource-Manager, FS-VSS-Agent, FS-iSCSITarget-Server, iSCSITarget-VSS-VDS

We will now restart the server and continue by seting up a new storage pool - for this example I will be using a hardware RAID1 array, so I will be only be adding the single disk to the storage pool:

File and Storage Services >> Volumes >> Storage Pools. >> Tasks >> New Storage Pool

We then proceed by creating a new virtual disk and finally a new Volume (of which all can be created through the "File and Storage Services" pane via Server Manager.

We can also optionally enable data-depuplication optionally during the volume creation wizard which will remove duplicated data, hence saving space - but at a cost of performance.

Finally we will create our new iSCSI Vitual Disk - by going to File and Storage Services >> Tasks >> New iSCSI Virtual Disk.


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