Thursday 2 April 2015

Setting up software metering with SCCM 2012

In order to setup software emtering we must firstly enable this on the SCCM clients:

Administration >> Site Configuration >> Client Settings >> Client Setting Properties >> Software Metering >> Yes. We can also define a time / interval of when report database is sent back to the SCCM server.

We should then create and enable the relevent Software Metering entries:

Assets and Compliance >> Asset Inteligence >> Software Metering

Although there is an option defined in SCCM properties (of the client!) that invokes the data collection process manually for software metering - under the actions tab select "Software Metering Usage Report Cycle" and hit run.

We can monitor the status of the above process and also automatic processes in the SWMTRReportGen.log file found in:


We should then deploy the client settings (Right-hand click Deploy on Client Setings node) - if not already done so to the relevent Device Collection.

The specific tool we run is called runmetersumm.exe (on the server hosting the SQL database for SCCM:

runmetersumm <sccm-database-name>

We can then extract information from our collected data using built-in SCCM reports:

Monitoring >> Reporting >> Reports >> Software Metering.


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