Wednesday 29 April 2015

Creating and attaching a SAN via iSCSI to an ESXI host

For this environment we will have a Server 2012 R2 box hosting the iSCSI target server and an ESXI box that will act as the initiator.

We should firstly install the File and Storage Service roles on our Server 2012 R2 box and ensure that the "iSCSI Target Server" component is also checked.

We then go to Server Mananger >> File and Storage Services >> Servers >> iSCSI >> New iSCSI Virutal Disk. Configuring the name, location, size and so on.

We should create a target name and also specify the access servers by thier IQN or simply by the DSN Name / IP Address.

Then from within vSphere we shall connect to the target server and add the LUN:- Inventory >> Host and Clusters >> ESXI Host >> Configuration >> Storage Adapters >> Right-hand click on the iSCSI Software Adapter and go to Dynamic Disocvery and add the IP address of the 2012 R2 iSCSI server.

We should then re-scan the iSCSI bus and go to: Storage >> Add Storage ... >> Disk / LUN >> Add Storage and select our LUN.


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