Monday 27 April 2015

Monitoring task sequence deployments (the easy way!)

More often than not I refer to the TS log files that reside on the client and/or distribution point - although using SCCM's built in reporting functionality we can track 'status messages' that can also help us to diagnose / debug task sequence statuses.

Going to Monitoring >> Overview >> Deployments and identify the "Deployment ID" e.g. S0111111.

We should then proceed to Monitoring >> Overview >> System Status >> Status Message Queries >> right click and choose Create Status Message Query.

Name: Deployment History for Windows 8.1 Task Sequence

Proceed by going to Edit Query Statement >> Show Query Language and ener the following query:

from SMS_StatusMessage
left join SMS_StatMsgInsStrings
on SMS_StatMsgInsStrings.RecordID = SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID
left join SMS_StatMsgAttributes
on SMS_StatMsgAttributes.RecordID = SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID
where SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeID = 401 and SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeValue = “P0120125“
and SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime >= ##PRM:SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime## order by SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime DESC

Upon creation - simply right-hand click on the Status Message Query and select Show Messages.


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