Friday 5 June 2015

IOmeter Quickstart Guide

IOmeter is a multi-platform tool that is used to benchmark disk IOPS. At first the utility can look a little intimidating - hence I wrote this short guide to help new users get up and running quickly.

Once downloaded has been downloaded and has started up expand the topology tree in the left hand view:

All Managers >> "Computer-Name" >> Select "Worker 2" and click on the "Disconnect Selected Worker or Manager" icon (second from the right on the top hand navigation bar) - rinse and repeat for 3, 4 etc. ensuring that we have one worker left (Worker 1)

Now go to the "Access Specifications" tab (This is where you can select the block size for testing) and select the "All in one" node under the "Global Access Specifications" list view and hit the "Add" button.

We should now highlight "Worker 1" (if not already done so) and click on the "Start a Duplicate of This Worker" - so we have in total (the more the better!)

Proceed by clicking on the "Start Tests" (green flag) icon - it should prompt you to save the results somewhere and then begin the tests.


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