Wednesday 10 June 2015

Exchange Server 2013 Hardware Requirements Checklist

- Calculate the nessasery IOPs needed for your Exchange organization. :

- Choose RAID configuration: e.g. RAID0 for Exchange Installation and RAID6 for Mailbox Databases

- Mailbox Database, Log and Content Indexing Requirements:

- CPU Time: Calculate the nessasery CPU time for your Exchange organization.

- Exchange Role Recourse Requiements:

- iSCSI / Network Storage: NIC Teaming, Port Aggregation

- Virutal Disks: Thick Provisioned (Fixed size disks) Eager Zeroed

Exchange Server 2013 Minimum Requirements

Mailbox Role: 8GB of RAM
Client Access Server: 4GB of RAM
Mailbox and Client Access Role (Combined): 8GB of RAM

- 30GB of disk space for each Exchange Server
- 500MB of additional disk space for each language pack
- 200MB of disk space on the system drive
- Page minimum AND maximum page file size should be equal to your RAM + 10MB


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