Thursday 4 June 2015

Amazon S3 Key Features

S3 is a cloud based storage service offering by Amazon. It makes use of "buckets" (that are accessed over HTTPS) - that are effectively folders. I have briefly outlined the main features available below:

- Access Control: By default S3 buckets are private - although you have the ability to make them publically accessable. Access can be fine tuned for specific users - for example restricting Upload, Delete and Editing of permissions.

- Static Website Hosting: You have the ability to turn your bucket into a static website - although adding dynamic content is not possible. A common use scenerio here is enabling your bucket to act as host for pictures / media.

- Logging: You have the ability to audit access to the bucket by logging events such as users adding or deleting items from the bucket.

- Versioning: Allows you to retain deleted / older copies of files for recovery given the event that you need to restore a file due to accidental deletion. You can apply Lifecycle rules to archive older version of file automatically (hence saving space (and money) in your S3 bucket)

- Cross Region Replication: Allows you to replicate data accross regions (used in conjunction with versioning) - by default data in the bucket is replicated anyway between different sites in a region - but due to regulatory requirements sometimes there are times where circumstances were cross region replication is required.


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