Tuesday 26 May 2015

Manually forcing the removal of a cluster node in WFE

The following should be used as a last resort when a cluster has been destroyed but a rouge cluster node has failed to disassosiate itself with the cluster.

Firstly ensure that the Cluster Service (ClusSvc) is running before attempting the following.

From PowerShell (running with administrative priviliages) we import the Failover Clustering module:

Import-Module FailoverClusters

Confirm you can see your cluster:


and finally remove the cluster node forcefully:

Remove-ClusterNode -Cluster "Name-Of-Cluster" "Node-Name" -Force

If the cluster is unavailable you will get an RPC error - this is OK.

Finally we run the Clear-ClusterNode cmdlet that is used to remove cluster configuration on an evicted node:

Clear-ClusterNode -Cluster "Name-Of-Cluster" "Node-Name" -Force


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