Thursday 10 September 2015

Throttling a VM's IOPS - vSphere 6

By default there is no disk I/O throttling setup within vSphere - in order to get an idea of how many IOPS the machine is hitting we should firstly use esxtop to provide the information:

SSH into the ESXI host >> run the 'esxtop' command >> press the 'v' key to go into the VM view.

You can then confirm the IOPS by observing the CMDS/s column.

Dependent on your disk setup you could also make use of an IOPS calculator to give you an estimate of what kind of IPOS you should be expecting:

Once we have a figure in mind we should proceed to the vSphere Web Client >> VMs >> Right-hand click on the VM in question and select 'Edit Settings' >> Expand the relevent virtual hard drive(s) and enter you desired figure in the "Limit - IOPs" textbox.


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