Friday 26 May 2017

Fixed: %SW_DAI-4-PACKET_RATE_EXCEEDED: XX Packets received in XXX milliseconds on Gi0/X

%SW_DAI-4-PACKET_RATE_EXCEEDED: XX Packets received in XXX milliseconds on Gi0/X
%PM-4-ERR_DISABLE: arp-inspection error detected on Gi0/X, putting Gi0/X into err-disable state.

This above problem arises when an interface configured with DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection) receives an amount of ARP requests over its threshold (which by default is 15.)

On busy networks this will often need to be increased to 100 or even more. Specific applications such as the Bonjour-Service (which iTunes utilises) will also greatly increase the number of arp requests.

When the switch detects the interface has gone over the quota it will put the interface into an err-disable state.

To bring back the up interface we can clear the error or simply bring the interface up and down:

int gi0/10
no shutdown

In order to increase the limit we should issue the following (per interface):

int range gi0/1-46
ip arp inspection limit rate 100
do wri mem


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