Wednesday 1 March 2017

Setting up logging / syslog on the Cisco 2960X

Fortunately logging can be setup very easily on IOS devices - a syslog server can be configured as follows:

conf t

and also configure the logging buffer in memory for example:

logging buffered 64000 debug

The above will ensure that all messages are logged to the buffer and are forwarded to our syslog server.

We can also filter out annoying messages on the console - ensuring only important messages disrupt us:

logging console warnings

The log levels are as follows:

  <0-7>          Logging severity level
  alerts         Immediate action needed           (severity=1)
  critical       Critical conditions               (severity=2)
  debugging      Debugging messages                (severity=7)
  discriminator  Establish MD-Console association
  emergencies    System is unusable                (severity=0)
  errors         Error conditions                  (severity=3)
  filtered       Enable filtered logging
  guaranteed     Guarantee console messages
  informational  Informational messages            (severity=6)
  notifications  Normal but significant conditions (severity=5)
  warnings       Warning conditions                (severity=4)
  xml            Enable logging in XML

We can view the log buffer from global mode with:

show logging


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