Friday 18 November 2016

Turning on logging with UFW

If you are unfortuante enough to be working with Ubuntu you might have come accross UFW - a wrapper for IPTables that aims to 'simplify' management of the firewall.

To enable logging in UFW you should firstly ensure its not already turned on with:

sudo ufw status verbose | grep logging

and if not enabled issue:

sudo ufw logging on

We can also adjust the logging level with:

ufw logging [low] | [medium] | [full]

Low: Provides information on all dropped packets and packets that are setup to be logged.

Medium: Matches all low level events plus all Invalid packets and any new connections.

High: Matches all medium level events plus all packets with the exception of rate limiting.

Full: Logs everything.

The logs are typically located within:


e.g. tail -f /var/log/ufw/ufw.log


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