Wednesday 4 May 2016

[Exchange Migration] Local autodiscover for failed.

This error occurred after moving an on-premise user to Exchange Online / Office 365.

Lets say we have an on-premise user: who we then move to our cloud Exchange Online tenant:

When we attempt to use autodiscover on the primary email ( the autodiscover services goes - 'hmm... looks like we should be looking in the domain' - whereas really the user now resides on the domain - so we need to specifically instruct or rather associate the mailbox (joe.bloggs) with a remote domain of '' (this remote domain should be automatically been created when going through the Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Wizard.)

So to associate the mailbox with our Exchange Online domain we issue:

Set-RemoteMailbox -Identity joe.bloggs -RemoteRoutingAddress

And then retry the autodiscover process.


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