Saturday 9 January 2016

How to find out your PPPoA username and password for Sky Broadband / SR102

After purchasing a new ADSL modem I firstly rang Sky for my PPPoA settings (of which most were already readily available online - with the exception of the user/pass of course) but unfortuanterly they simply said due to policy they are unable to provide the user/pass since it's not 'officially' supported on any other devices.

So this tutorial will explain the process of capturing that information:

For this tutorial we will need Wireshark - its pretty simple too.

So firstly get Wireshark loaded up and start a capture on the interface connected to the router - then login to your Sky Router >> Maintianence >> Diagnostics >> Reboot Router.

Now after the router has come back up we want to stop the packet capture and inspect the DHCP packets - specifically the Discover process.

To view the relevent traffic quickly we can use the following filter on Wireshark:


Inspect one of the DHCP Discover packets and expand 'Bootstrap Protocol' and then look for Option 61 Client Identifier in the property view - now right hand click on it and go to: Copy > As Plain Text and you should end up with sometihng like:


Remove the '=' and strip the '|' - then you should end up with something like:

cj57fj8Lpod1 af83kfop

The first part your username and the second part your password!

Full credit to the following post for sharing this method:


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