Tuesday 1 December 2015

Creating and applying a retention tags for mailbox / mailbox items

** Fornote: You must have setup in-place archiving before the below will take effect **

Using both a retention policy and tags we have the ability to allocate individual retention periods for objects (i.e. folders) within a mailbox.

For example if we wished to create a root level retention policy on a mailbox so all mail items would be retained for 30 days - but we have a folder

with holds archived email (lets call it 'Archived Items') - we could assign a retention period of 365 days.

We would typically use rentention tags to set a retention period for a default folder (e.g. Inbox):
New-RetentionPolicyTag "Corp-Exec-DeletedItems" -Type Inbox -Comment "Deleted Items are purged after 30 days" -RetentionEnabled $true -
AgeLimitForRetention 30 -RetentionAction PermanentlyDelete
We would then proceed by creating a rentention policy and attaching the relevant retention tags:
New-RetentionPolicy "Auditors Policy" -RetentionPolicyTagLinks "General Business","Legal","Sales"
We would then assign the new retention policy to a user:

** There is a default retention policy that which exists that will be applied to users who enable in-place archiving and are not assigned a specific policy - you can view this with:
Get-RetentionPolicy -Identity "Default Archive and Retention Policy"
We can then assign this to a specific user with:
Set-Mailbox -Identity "user@domain.com" -RetentionPolicy "My Retention Policy"
Although in order to use a custom (user-created) folder (i.e. not the standard inbox, sent items, deleted items etc.) we can configure auto-archiver settings in our Outlook Client - by clicking on the desired folder >> select the 'FOLDER' tab >> 'AutoArchive Settings' >> Select the 'Archive this folder using these settings' and select the desired timeframe and action.


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