Tuesday 4 August 2015

Setting up Microsoft SQL Server backups with Veeam Backup and Replication 8

Veeam allows you to perform point-in-time recovery of application such as SQL server and Exchange. Although in order to setup this built-in capability you need to meet the following pre-requisites:

You should firstly ensure that application-aware image processing is setup correctly on the VM's backup job.

Application-aware image processing allows you to create a transactionally consistent backup of a VM running VSS-aware applications such as SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange.

Veeam does not actually require a agent to be installed on the machine to help with the backup (unlike other solutions) and instead does the using a runtime coordination process.

The Windows VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) ensures that all VSS-aware applications assosiated IO has been quiesced before the backup is performed. (Avoiding any incomplete transactions)

To enable application-aware image processing simply go to the Veeam backup job properties >> Guest Processing >> Ensure 'Enable application-aware processing' is ticked and the guest OS credentials have been filled in (and have the relevent permissions to access the database (should have the sysadmin role!) and filesystem.)

We should now configure the relevent VM guest OS's processing settings - by clicking on the the 'Applications' button under the 'Enable application-aware processing section', selecting the relevent VM object and clicking the 'Edit' button. Click on the SQL tab and select 'Backup logs periodically' so you are able to perform a more granular point in time recovery.


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